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Agenzia Immobiliare BENEDETTI

Via G.Carducci, 237 55045 Marina di Pietrasanta(LU)
Tel. 0584 745912 Fax 0584 745912

Agenzia Immobiliare BENEDETTI again, from October 1, 2014, WITH A new shopping Planning, A Renewed headquarters and an image updated graphics, to reiterate and underline its vocation in the real estate sector of the Versilia area, with a headquarters located barycentric in Marina di Pietrasanta 50 meters from the sea, in the heart of the coast.

From autumn 2014, in fact, Massimiliano Paolicchi and Daniele Lazzerini, former members and co-founders of the Agency AreaT.R.E. Ltd., giving continuity to the Benedetti-RE historic Immobiliare Benedetti (present in the territory since 1947) continuing the Barbara Guidi work with which, as always, there was harmony and close cooperation. Ends at the same time, in September, the legal course of the company under the banner "AreaT.R.E. Real Estate Solutions "... but it does not end the professional work of the owners that indeed starts with a large and consolidated customer base, under the banner" Blessed ".

The two corporate brands "BENEDETTI Realtor" and "BENEDETTI RE Real Estate" are to confirm the intention to grow the "brand" in order to embrace a wider range of applications both for sale / purchase is leased and answer increasing business and professional needs that the current market demands.

The company philosophy that has always distinguished us in the past with the structure "AreaTRE Real Estate Solutions" will remain unchanged and will be even more polished professional approach and customer care whether the seller, be it buyer.

The detailed knowledge of the territory and of the market and the careful analysis of "real estate" allows us to enhance the characteristics of the same in order to optimize the business proposal and allow a more rapid and profitable sales results. Also the meticulous and thorough investigation of the "purchaser" needs allows us to focus on the specific needs, in order to arrive more quickly at the presentation of selected proposals in full line with the target of our client.

The exclusivity of our work and of our proposals ... for our most exclusive customers